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acquires Gulfstreams, overhauls them inside and outside down to the very last detail, and turns them into lifestyle statements.

The G450

Our latest project proves how hyper-tailored a Gulfstream can become. From the astounding outer coating in matte and shine, over the Portoro marble in the galley, down to the last piece of black Christofle cutlery, everything is adhering to the signature SCK color scheme of black, grey, and white. From here on out, it’s not just a private jet anymore. It's a reflection of personality.
  • Rate of Climb3760 fpm
  • One Engine Inop712 fpm
  • Max Speed586 kts
  • Normal Cruise476 kts
  • Economy Cruise533 kts
  • AvionicsGulfstream PlaneView
  • Exterior Height25 ft 2 in
  • Wing Span77 ft 10 in
  • Length89 ft 4 in
  • Passengers14
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The driver behind SCK AVIATION is aviation style visionary Sandra Corinna Kinzl. With her life-long admiration for aircraft, she ran the complete redesign and overhaul of her first end-to-end project, the vampish Gulfstream G450.

This groundbreaking concept, aptly dubbed "the fanciest private jet on the planet", is more than just an aircraft: it marks a pinnacle in the fusion of personal style, aviation expertise and high-end design.

Sandra's journey to transform this aircraft into more than just a private jet reflects her commitment to making a statement beyond the conventional. Her unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of aviation design has not only redefined the landscape of private air travel but has also set a new standard for those who seek a soaring experience above the ordinary.
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